Working capital that works

Harbor offers finance programs to best meet the needs of buyers and suppliers worldwide.

Harbor’s Supply Chain Finance program optimizes the cash conversion cycle and boosts free cash flow while supporting your global supplier base with early payments.

For suppliers, receivables finance accelerates receivables to improve working capital and manage credit risk.

Global scope, multi-currency funding

Simplifies working capital management

Works with existing financing arrangements

Supply Chain Finance

Harbor excels at providing supply chain finance for businesses sourcing goods both domestically and internationally. Our program provides up to 120 days credit to buyers. Under this arrangement, supplier payments are accelerated while the buyer is given an opportunity to improve their accounts payable days (DPO).


Improved Days Payable Outstanding

Purchase goods on open account terms with up to 120 days credit

Support Your Global Supplier Base

Achieve your balance sheet objectives while offering early payments to suppliers

Keep Your Existing Financing Arrangements

Harbor’s program complements other financing facilities like bank lines of credit

HarborTrade Platform Simplifies the Procure-To-Pay Process

Track and manage purchase orders, fulfillment, accounts payable, shipments, and bills

Improve Buyer/Supplier Interaction

Trading partners access and manage transparent transaction data


Our Clients


Imported resins typically take 30 to 40 days to reach Mexico, impacting the business's cash conversion cycle. Harbor's program allows them to purchase on credit to better manage their working capital.

Mexico based injection molding facility specializing in plastic products for the food and beverage industry

The company focuses on sales and distribution of octopus, fish, lobster, sea cucumber and other species. For overseas procurement, an average transportation time of 45 days impacts the company’s cash conversion cycle. The client implemented Harbor's Supply Chain Finance solution to optimize their trade payables allowing them to process goods and get them to market.

Seafood processing facility and distributor in Mexico

Harbor’s supply chain finance program is used to manage working capital and deal with periodic increases in procurement and inventory levels. Optimizing trade payables allows the company to deal with supply chain and production lead times.

Global manufacturing business focused on production of steel mounting systems for solar panels.

Harbor’s SCF program will support the company’s growth trajectory by optimizing its cash conversion cycle and supporting its SME supplier base in China.

German based leading global player in the consumer electronics and video game accessories market.

Receivables Finance

Harbor’s receivables finance or invoice financing allows suppliers to get paid earlier, providing valuable working capital and eliminating the risk of buyer default. Suppliers can submit invoices via the HarborTrade platform and get paid within 24 hours.

Improved Cash Flow

Unlock working capital tied up in unpaid invoices

Mitigate Credit Risk

Non-recourse programs provide credit risk management

Boost Sales by Offering Credit Terms to Customers

Offer attractive payment terms to buyers while maintaining healthy liquidity

Easily and Quickly Submit Invoices on HarborTrade Platform

Seamlessly request funding and view account history