Offer early payments to your suppliers

Offer early payments to your suppliers

Support your supplier base by offering competitive financing.

Support your supplier base by offering competitive financing.

Achieve your balance sheet objectives by improving payment terms with suppliers

Supply Chain Finance

Harbor's Supply Chain Finance solution is designed to help buyers optimize their DPO by offering early payments to suppliers based on its approved payables. This allows companies to support their supplier base by offering competitive financing and improve their payment terms with suppliers, ultimately improving their working capital position and shortening their cash conversion cycle. This solution can be used as a standalone option or paired with other Harbor's products to provide a more comprehensive solution for international trade.

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Procurement Financing Solution

  • 30-150 day terms on purchases
  • Non-invasive trade credit, collateral free
  • Take advantage of early payment discounts
Procurement Financing Solution

Harbor’s Procurement Finance Solution is a powerful tool for companies to improve their DPO and have more control over their cash flow. Unlike our Supply Chain Finance Program, with Procurement Finance, Harbor actually purchases the goods from the suppliers on behalf of the buyer and then extends credit to our client (the buyer). This allows the buyer to have more flexibility in managing their cash flow and reduces the risk of non-payment to suppliers. Additionally, it improves the buyer's supplier relationships and reduces the administrative costs associated with procuring goods.

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Harbor Trade Dashboard


  • Track and Manage purchase orders and fulfillment
  • Centralize communication and transaction data with trading partners
  • Manage Accounts Payable and supplier bills
Emerson Botosh, Harbol Executive Director
Bryan Maloney, CEO Harbor
Harbor's Vendor Management Platform is a comprehensive solution for managing and streamlining the procurement process. The platform allows companies to automate and standardize their procurement processes, including purchase order management, invoice processing, supplier onboarding and tracking fulfillment of orders. It also includes built-in messaging and document sharing capabilities for communication and collaboration between buyers and suppliers. All of these features are designed to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and improve supplier relationships. The system can be used in conjunction with Harbor’s Procurement Financing Solution.
Inventory Financing


  • Purchase just-in-time sourcing from your own suppliers
  • Reduce purchasing price through bulk buying without impacting liquidity
  • Flexible tenors available

Harbor's Inventory Finance product is designed to help companies optimize their inventory management and improve their financial metrics. It allows companies to finance the purchase of inventory, manage their cash flow more efficiently, and maintain a healthy inventory level. The program provides financing for raw materials, work-in-progress and finished goods and allows companies to respond quickly to market demands. With the ability to structure the financing off-balance sheet, companies can better manage and monitor key financial ratios. Additionally, the product supports just-in-time inventory management by providing financing on an as-needed basis, which helps companies avoid stockouts and reduce unnecessary inventory holding costs.

Inventory Financing

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